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Infommercial for Copperhead Road moonshine.

Performing as alter-ego Dr. I.M. Auftenhauzie with associate Dr. F. Elda Hyde with the performance group M.E.D.I.U.M. at Nuit Blache 2014 in Calgary.


Interesting double image of a picture of the Bible Institute taken through a plate glass window. 

POG Dress that I designed for Artwalk 2014 in Lethbridge, and modeled at The Drunken Sailor for an Artwalk artist sketching session. Thanks to Loralee at The Drunken Sailor.

A bottle of Beauregard Lamont's finest 130 overproof Copperhead Road.

A Copperhead Road shooter.

"Josephine" the Still, in all her glory.


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